Evacuation Sets

IMMOOS has developed simple, light, wieldy and very efficient rescue systems especially for cableways as well as chairlifts and gondolas, which all are certified under the harmonised standards based on the directive 2000/9/EC “Cableway installations designed to carry passengers”.


If a special situation does not allow the use of a “standard system”, we are the right ones to contact and will develop customised individual solutions for you.

1-person evacuation system

  • Only one educated rescuer is needed
  • Access to the cable car vehicule without a retaining rope
  • No communication-problems
  • fast, simple and safe 

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Evacuation system for urban ropeways

  • Special evacuation system, that is suitable for ropeways in urban areas with obstacles below the ropeway line
  • Including material for diagonal lowerings
  • Access to the cable car vehicule happens without a backing rope

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Evacuation along the rope

  • Moving (up- and downhill) up to two passengers
  • Customized evacuation Solutions for difficult terrain conditions
  • Passengers can be lowered down at save places (e.g. outside of avelange areas)

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Evacuation system type C

  • Reliable and efficient
  • It is also possible to pull up the rescuer (only a few additional parts are needed)

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Inclined descent as option

  • If vertical lowering due to an unsuitable Terrain is impossible, a guide rope is used for inclined descent of the passengers

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Pulling up the rescuer

  • With the Stopbloc lowering device it is also possible to pull up a rescuer. Only a few additional parts are needed.

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IMMOOS lowering system

  • Lowering with integrated brake for high altitudes
  • Efficient lowering due to pendulum mode 

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Lowering set for control runs

  • Self rescue set for employes if the drive station is not occupied

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Other evacuation systems

• Evacuation system type
  “BW Bayern”

• Evacuation system type
  “BR Steiermark”

• Evacuation system type
  "Bergrettung Tirol"

• Evacuation system type


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