PPE Sets

We make sure that the protective equipment can be used easily and in a versatile way.

Safety set

  • Does not prevent a free fall
  • Limits the drop distance
  • Does not prevent the user from reaching areas or positions where there is a risk of a fall; if a free fall occurs, the user is stopped
  • Ensures that the user is held by the system after the collection process

Restraint set

  • Restricts the user's range of motion so that he is prevented from reaching areas where there is a risk of falling
  • Is not intended to catch falls
  • Not intended for work situations where the user is supported by a body support device (e.g. to prevent slipping or falling).

Positioning set

  • Prevents free fall of the user
  • Allows the user to position himself at his workstation by leaning into the system or hanging in the system

Comrade rescue set

  • Quick and effective recovery of injured persons hanging in the safety device
  • Suitable for all types of PPE against falls from a height
  • Simple operation
  • Can be used several times

Simple safety set

  • Suitable as cabin equipment

Supplemental set

  • For work on the ropes