Distribution plate


The distribution plate makes it easier to organise the standing area and increases the number of available attachment points.



The swivel is a different type of attachment device. It prevents the rope from tangling when the load turns on its own axis.

• With closed ball bearing


Break load: 40 kN

Weight: 170 g

Standard: EN 354

Ascent and descent aid


Ascent and descent aid made of cord and wood rungs.


Length: 1,5 m

Weight: 240 g

Step sling


Length-adjustable step sling (cord).

Toolbag with membran-closure


Equipment bag with innovative membrane closure, whereby the tools and work equipment cannot fall out, no matter in which position.

• Easy to attach to the harness


Dimensions: 24 x 20 x 10 cm

Weight: 330 g



Simple equipment bag with which the tools and work equipment can be carried optimally on the fall-arrest harness during work.

• Easy to attach to the harness


Dimensions: 28 x 21 x 9 cm

Weight: 210 g

Rope and equipment bag X-TREMER

K975101 (X-PLORER) /

K9001 / K9002 / K9003

Rope and equipment bag with backpack strapping. Its large volume makes it easier to pack and access its content.

• With outside pocket as an address window

• With back padding for wear comfort

• With A4-size outside pocket on the back for instructions, etc.

• Loop on top for hanging

• With padded shoulder strap

The equipment bag is available in four different sizes.


26 Liter: 31 x 44 cm  K975101

54 Liter: 39 x 45 cm  K9001

65 Liter. 39 x 55 cm  K9002

84 Liter: 39 x 70 cm  K9003

Material bag with cord


Material bag with cord. The cheaper alternative to the 26 liter-bag with backpack strapping.

• With outside pocket as an address window


Size: 31 x 44 cm

Capacity: 26 Liter

Light-metal professional crate

010158910 - 010158919

Transport crate for an abseil descent device, including additional equipment.


Inside dimensions in mm

(L x W x H): V


553 x 353 x 150:  29 L

553 x 353 x 310:  60 L

553 x 553 x 382:  115 L

753 x 553 x 380:  156 L

753 x 553 x 580:  239 L

1153 x 753 x 380:  327 L

923 x 723 x 740:  495 L



Light ventilated helmet for work at heights and rescue.

• The helmets are designed for attachment of standard hearing protection or a headlamp


Weight: 340 g

Standard: EN 12492 (fulfils requirements of the standards EN 397 and EN 12492 regarding protection from shock and impact)



Ventilated helmet for work at heights and rescue.

• The helmets are designed for attachment of standard hearing protection or a headlamp


Weight: 455 g

Standard: EN 12492 (fulfils requirements of the standards EN 397 and EN 12492 regarding protection from shock and impact. Fulfils the optional requirements of the standard EN 397 for lateral deformation and use in the cold)



Industrial protection helmet.

• If the helmet gets caught, the chin buckle opens at 25 daN (EN397 standard for industrial helmets).


Weight: 455 g

Standard: EN 397



The Inceptor GRX has a specially designed EPS thorax and a helmet shell made of PC/ABS.

• absorbs particularly high impact energy - in the crown area, as well as laterally.

• the large ventilation holes and the ergonomic EPS thorax ensure outstanding wearing comfort.

• width adjustment from 54 to 63 cm


Weight: 450 g

Standard: EN 12492 / EN 397




This protective helmet is especially for the rescue equipment.

• HDPE plastic with extra short visor for an optimal field of vision when looking up or down

• 6-point inside webbing with replaceable textile sweatband

• 3-point chinstrap

• Rain ridge

• Certified for electrical work up to 440 V.


Weight: 390 g

Standard: EN 397

Helmet-protection against cold


Protection hood against cold out of grey thermovelours with earflaps

Size: M / L



Protective eye shield for VERTEX and ALVEO helmets.



Tinted eye shield for VERTEX and ALVEO helmets.



Eye shield with electrical protection for VERTEX and ALVEO helmets.

Light-metal tripod


A system for securing and rescuing persons climbing down into shafts, tanks, chimneys, etc. Ideal attachment point for work in enclosed places. Super-light and

very stable. It can be adjusted especially easily with the locking system located on the telescopic feet.

• 4 attachment eyes

• Warning band on each foot

• 8 positions for height adjustment (1.35 m to 2.35 m)

• Accessory material not included


Maximum load: Max. 500 kg

Weight: 14,5 kg

Standard: EN 795 class B

Carrying case for tripod


Fabric bag with PVC cover and hook-andloop fastener.

Rollgliss hand winch


Suitable for tripod with a reduction of 3:1

• Only with original rope

• Unlimited rope length

• Optionally available with emergency grip (JUMAR)

• Use in combination with tripod


Standard: EN 1495 class B

Seat board PODIUM


Seat board for longer suspension with wide seating surface, good stability and three material loops.


Weight: 1‘170 g


P42 - P42L

Tool holder for carrying equipment on the fall-arrest harness.

• Tools can be attached or removed with one hand

• The surface on top of the holder makes it easier to sort tools

• It is attached to the hip belt or the belt band and always remains in the right position


Caritool P42 = 25 g

max. load 5 kg


Caritool P42L = 60 g

max. load 15 kg



Protective gloves of cowhide, the back of the hand is made with stretch texture.


Sizes: M / L

Standard: EN 388

Rescue stretcher


Rescue stretcher for the injured.


Length: 215 cm

Width: 64 cm

Own weight: 16 kg

Standard: EN 1865

Transport hangers


Transport hangers for the rescue stretcher SAN-0087-1


Weight: 2,58 kg

Standard: EN 354

Knife "RescueTool"


Pocket knife with seatbelt cutter, window breaker and a disc saw to cut through shatterproof glass.


L x W x H: 122 / 34.5 / 21 mm

Weight: 170 g

Headlamp "PIXA 3"

E78CHB 2

Can be worn on the head with the headband or attached to the helmet. With several lighting modes adapt to each situation.


Weight: 160 g


Miscellaneous headlamps andother accessories available onrequest!

Further accessories are also available on demand.