Rope winches

Exposed installations do often have impassable sections or avalanche zones, where passengers can not be lowered down. For this purposes, we have a special solution. It is possible to evacuate the passengers along the rope. If passengers must be evacuated in steep areas, we have the right winches for in our range.


The winches can also be used when working on the hanging rope and facilitate the climb back up there to the starting point.

Spill winch Ti-RD 200 Variomat


Double winch with 4-cycle motor and two-speed transmission


Tensile force: 400 kg

Speed: 0-200 m/min

Weight: 48 kg

Mass: 790 x 430 x 520 mm


Spill motor winch TiPa 08



With the newest motor technic Stihl 410


Tensile force: 600 or 300 kg

Speed: 0-36 or 0-47 m/min

Weight: 22 kg

Mass: 680 x 340 x 400 mm

Certificated: EC Machinery Directive 2006/42/EG


different versions available!

Rescue-winch JO 280



4 cycle–motor Honda GX 35 (diaphragm carburetor)


Tensile force: 280 kg /

vertical 140 kg

Speed: 0-19 m/min

Weight: 13 kg

Mass: 330 x 440 x 290 mm

Certificated: EC Machinery Directive 2006/42/EG


available also with two wedge plates (1.20.103)!