Optimising of the evacuation

A too high number of evacuation devices causes high follow-up costs for the operators of the cableway, as these devices must be revised according to the manufacturer's specifications and the textile parts must be replaced at the end of their service life. There is great potential for the cableway companies to save money here. In this optimization, the various facilities of a company are combined into evacuation sectors. The evacuation facilities are stored in central locations, which means that the same equipment can be used for up to eight installations. The number of equipment can thus be reduced, and significant cost savings are guaranteed.


This advantageous optimization is worthwhile not only for the construction of a new system - also for existing ski areas. The authority has drawn up a guideline that regulates the submission procedure for conversions and new buildings.


We have specialized in such evacuation optimizations and have already successfully carried out many optimizations in cooperation with the cableway companies. More and more companies are grasping the Decided to rethink her salvage organization. Many cableway operators need to act in this respect anyway.


We will help you with our extensive know-how in the preparation of input documents.